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Northern Virginia Male Strippers

Devin Daniels - Northern Virginia Male Strippers
Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Virginia

Northern Virginia Male Strippers, Alexandria Va Male Strippers, Arlington Va Male Strippers, Fairfax Male Strippers. Devastating and delicious Devin Daniels 6'1 and 235 pounds of twisted Steele and sex appeal. Not for the faint of heart. Devin is an Amazing Northern Virginia Male Stripper. We offer Amazing Northern Virginia Male Strippers. Here's a testimonial ... Hi Matt!
This is Nisha, I just wanted to write this email to let you know what a BLAST all of us girls had on Friday 17th of June ... We were having fun at the bachelorette that my aunt planned for my future cousin-in-law, I broke out the games and things were going very well, we were laughing and talking considerably loud! Then all of a sudden we heard a very loud knock on the door, EVERYONE was sure someone called the cops on us, they all wanted me to open the door and face the officer and there was Devin!!! OMG, he was way hotter than his PICS! He did his little speech at the door then I let him in, and BOY! did he rock that place!

Devin was very, very HOT and unbelievably HANDSOME, the HOTTEST southern accent, and to top it off with cherry, he was soooooo down to earth, great personality, very friendly and did I mention how HOT he was!!!!!! He was great! Devin had moves like I had never seen, he was VERY entertaining.

Now, we are from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, and there were much older women at this party, and older women from my country are very conservative, so conservative they cover their eyes when they see cleavage on was the bride (she was American), I was a bit worried, because they did not know that he was going to be there, and was not sure as to how they were going to react, but it turned out that they had a BLAST along with the bride, he handled them very well ;)....I had women saying to me after he left how they have never experienced ANYTHING like that, and they have been married for 25+ years, be assured that you will always have future recommendations from me and I was VERY happy with your services! Please keep up the good services and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

Lots of Love,
Nisha B.

Northern Virginia Male Strippers.

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