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I just wanted to thank you guys for sending two of the hottest and
Sweetest girls that I have ever met. Kari and Destiny were our
Entertainers on Saturday night in Ocean City New Jersey and I think my jaw is still on the ground. They showed up on time looking extremely beautiful. They were both really sweet and had great personalities. We all loved all of the activities that they had for us and the show that they put on was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. My Friends and I are trying to come up with a reason to have them come over again. We will definitely want them back maybe for two hours next time.
Thanks again,

Amazing Dancers is Awesome! We visit Atlantic City a lot and really enjoy hiring female strippers!! I've gone with them 3 times so far. The girls are always super hot and the shows are even hotter!!
Tommy G ;-)
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Hey Matt,
People usually follow up when there are problems or complaints, but I'm not. I'm actually sending you this email to let you know what a great job that Shar did this weekend. I was very, very pleased how everything went. She was actually a very nice person. She stayed in contact with me the day of, which put me at ease. She got there on time. She has the greatest personality and gave a fun show for everyone. It really set the tone for the night for us to have a great time.

I highly recommend AmazingDancers and would definitely hire this company again.

Thanks again!

Dr. Danny Benenfeld

Hey Matt, just wanted to let you know that it was a great time last nite Alexis and Riley were great and it honestly made the night!! Thanks a lot for helping us out! Have a good one, Quinn
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I own 5 Dance Studios in and around Philadelphia, Pa. We have used over the past 10 years for dancers for all our bachelor and bachelorette parties here. They have always been great and very professional. Anyone desiring a reference can contact me anytime, Todd Fleming, the owner of Philly Premier Dance Studios
~Todd Fleming

We Had A Great Time!
From the beginning to the end extremely professional. it was the first bachelor party i ever organized and Matt came through with a great setup and accommodated all our requests regardless if they were last minute changes. the entertainers were simply perfect. it was a great, fun time none of us will ever forget. ps: make sure to wear a belt if you enjoy a little pain ... I certainly did. I originally confirmed 2 dancers (a hot busty blond and brunette) but another one (a cute and fit blond (petite)) happened to be available so I jumped at the chance. As planned, they arrived after 11 pm at my suite for the festivities. The show included a bikini bottom only chair dance for the groom and best man, nude "dollar grabbing" activity, nude whipped cream licking contest, and finished with a lesbian show. Everyone had a great time. Thank You

March 28th
Just wanted to let you know that Chrissy did a great job for us last night. Everyone had a great time.


Bachelor Party 9/23 Alexandria VA
I wanted to provide you feedback for the entertainment that was sent to the bachelor party I hosted last weekend. We received Jordan and Jasmine. I received a call in advance to confirm their arrival time and directions to the house as you said I would. Both girls arrived on time and were beautiful. They put on a solid hour show with perfect interaction for both the bachelor as well as the rest of the guests. Many thanks for helping me throw this party. All of the guests said it was the best they'd ever been too. I've dealt with other entertainment companies in the past and yours is far superior on all levels. I will definitely use Amazing Dancers again in the future.
Thanks again.

Hi Matt!
This is Nisha, I just wanted to write this email to let you know what a BLAST all of us girls had on Friday 17th of June ... We were having fun at the bachelorette that my aunt planned for my future cousin-in-law, I broke out the games and things were going very well, we were laughing and talking considerably loud! Then all of a sudden we heard a very loud knock on the door, EVERYONE was sure someone called the cops on us, they all wanted me to open the door and face the officer and there was Devin!!! OMG, he was way hotter than his PICS! He did his little speech at the door then I let him in, and BOY! did he rock that place! Devin was very, very HOT and unbelievably HANDSOME, the HOTTEST southern accent, and to top it off with cherry, he was soooooo down to earth, great personality, very friendly and did I mention how HOT he was!!!!!! He was great! Devin had moves like I had never seen, he was VERY entertaining. Now, we are from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, and there were much older women at this party, and older women from my country are very conservative, so conservative they cover their eyes when they see cleavage on was the bride (she was American), I was a bit worried, because they did not know that he was going to be there, and was not sure as to how they were going to react, but it turned out that they had a BLAST along with the bride, he handled them very well ;)....I had women saying to me after he left how they have never experienced ANYTHING like that, and they have been married for 25+ years, be assured that you will always have future recommendations from me and I was VERY happy with your services! Please keep up the good services and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

Lots of Love,
Nisha Bee., it's Anthony,
Thx so much for setting us up last nite with Danielle! It went exactly as u said it would. Communication was excellent. Very professional start to finish.
Awesome job especially on such short notice. Def remember u guys again.
I'm in the service industry & like to recognize good service when I get it ... so again awesome job thx!!
Anthony C Esposito
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Ed R has submitted the following client feedback for Gig ID# 533440
Client Feedback: We just had 3 of the hottest, sexiest and nicest female dancers/strippers for my buddy's bachelor party. We took a Limo Bus from Baltimore to Atlantic City and had the best time. The girls were on time in Baltimore and entertained us wonderfully for the entire ride to Atlantic City. Once down there, they hopped in their "driver's" car and went on to their next show, so we didn't get charged to have them with us all night. GREAT DEAL!!!! Do yourself a favor, if your havin' a bachelor party anywhere ... call them!!

~Ed R

OMG Your Male Dancers were on The Real Housewives of New Jersey?!!
That's sooooo AWESOME!!
How do I go about booking your dancers for my bachelorette party!!
New York City

YES WE WERE Brooke!!

I just wanted to shoot a quick email over to tell you how much of a success my party was on 8/20. I am a repeat customer, I believe that I have used you 3 times now, and after the party I hosted this past Saturday, I will continue to use your company and also recommend you to any of my friends that are looking for similar entertainment. I called and spoke to Matt to inquire about current pricing and details about hiring a dancer, Matt is very friendly and a true pleasure to speak to on the phone, he answered all of my questions and he is definitely one of the reasons using your company is an easy decision! The night of the party Sebastian called right on schedule to discuss the details and his entrance, he arrived on time and was very friendly and acted as if we had been friends and had known each other forever, he walked in and greeted everyone at the party with a glowing smile, he was a true "Hottie" that also had a way of making everyone feel comfortable, he is an "amazing dancer" and made sure that all of my friends were included, he gave equal attention to everyone there, no one was left out(unless by their choice) he made sure that he gave me lots of attention, which was nice as I was the one that had hired him, he had some really good dance moves and games to make the party fun. Sebastian's combination of dance moves and his outgoing personality is enough for anyone to want him to come back and dance for them again, he was very easy to deal with and I would highly recommend him to anyone that needed a reference. I commend your company for having such a great staff that is not only easy to deal with, but easy on the eyes as well :-) My party was a huge success thanks to your company and your winning staff! I look forward to calling in again soon! Thanks

ps-Matt and Sebastian deserve a bonus! ;-)

Julie Q.
Parsippany, NJ

Hey Matt and gentlemen thanks for such a great show, it was everything and more than what I (we) were expecting. You and your men put on one hell of a show we would like to have you back in the Spring. If you had given us a card for a rating it would be off the charts. I was the chairperson for the event, and it was my first event since taking on the spot with the ALA. And they were so pleased by my CHOICE of men and the company I choose, thanks Matt. I knew from the first phone call with you that it was going to be a good show. Matt you helped me from the start and lead me in the right direction. I have girls calling all ready wanting to know if I booked you yet. When I went down to the club room they were ranting and raving about the DJ in the white shirt. You could not have a better business name than Amazing Dancers. That is a under statement, I don't think there are words to describe you all. Maybe just Oh My MY.... Please send us over any information where we can join your fan club or facebook, we would like to write some short comments for the public to view. Oh and we will be putting some pictures up.
~Sherry S.
Smyrna,Delaware 19977

Hey I saw Matt on an episode of Bridezillas, he was my stripper at my 30th 2 years ago. Can you tell him Lynne said, "Hi and that he looked AMAZING on TV!! You Go Matt!!" ... he was soooo Wonderful at my party and I was soooo surprised when I saw him on TV. Then I clicked on your Media Center and saw he has many videos from TV ... I just had to write ya!!

CBS Channel 3 EyeWitness News!!! Amazing Dancers, Bachelorette Party with Matt Jarrett @ The Coastline Cherry Hill, New Jersey // Condom Kingdom South St. Philadelphia Pa

WB Channel 11 New York Morning News with Joey Starr and Matt Jarrett from
from The Atlantic City, New Jersey Boardwalk, Bachelorette Party With Some Serious Fun!!!!

Amazing Dancers are back in the club for the LADIES!!!!!
Every time this Male Review comes to the club we get a packed house full of single gals and fun loving couples! Husbands & boy friends you are welcome to hang out with your lady tonight during the show or hang in the lounge and let the girls be girls during the show.
Ladies if you are celebrating a birthday this month, tonight is the night to be at the club! Bring those dollars cuz if we give them enough we can get them FULL MONTY! Plenty of hot dance music before and after the show. Included Dinner of course from 9-11pm BYOB
~Lisa Gm @ The Pleasure Garden Club Philadelphia Pa

Matt, that you and the guys for another great show. I know it was tough for you but you still gave a wonderful show, even though I know you heart was with your Mom. Can't wait to see you guys again. Thanks again.
~Jen H

I just wanted to put this out there. you are by far one of the sexiest people ever. I am so glad that you do what you, no lie. its crazy how amazing you are. I watched your videos on your YouTube Channel and they are HOT. and it showcases everything!!!! WOW ...good for you...are you ever in the Harrisburg area> I would love to hang out with you...and I think my girls would love you....let me know
Facebook Friend,

Well Matt you know how I all ready feel, but other don't so I say it again!!!! I didn't think Amazing Dancers could get better, boy was I wrong.. I was asked all ready to call and get you booked for the fall. Thank again Matt for a GREAT time. Only thing I can say is WOW. And please tell your men they were awesome very professional..
Thanks again
~Sherry S.
Smyrna American Legion Ladies Aux Unit 14

I got a call from The Farmington Vol Fire Co wanting to know how did u all performed and if we would use your Female Dancers again. I stated that words could not explain what you did for us ... totally awesome
but he also asked how much did u charged, I stated being a business owner I don't talk what prices with anyone. but anyway you owe us for the next time because he got your name from when we had you lol
~Sherry S.
Smyrna American Legion Ladies Aux Unit 14

Tracy Strohl Hi Matt! Just wanted to compliment you all on a great show Saturday! We're looking forward to the next show!
~Tracy Strohl
Delmar Delaware

I would like to say" Thanks" to AmazingDancers and Mike C & Gabriel for putting on a GREAT show at the New Market Fire Station in Piscataway. The guys were HOTT and very professional. We were there for my daughters 25th Birthday. The guys really put the effort into dancing with everyone there. Not all Male Revue dancers do that, it was very personal. If I had to Rate AmazingDancers on a scale from 1-10 they would be a 10..I would definitely recommend them. Cant wait to see them again.
U can post it :)

I went to a male revue last night at the New Market Fire Station in Piscataway; it was AmazingDancers Male Revue hosted by Matt Jarrett. It was a great show!!-thank you!--but I especially want to acknowledge the second dancer out--the guy who dressed like a firefighter. I have to tell you I had way more fun than I anticipated having. I've gone to one or two shows like this before, and I'm used to the guys coming out with heaps of braggadocio and acres of swagger; and I'm amused at the "hey, look at me" attitude, and yeah, it's sexy, but there's this emotional and mental distance the guys keep, so it's like looking at, well, finely-sculpted meat. It's hot, but I'm not one of those women who gets all lathered up over it. But while the strippers I'm used to (I'm used to strippers? Um...okay, I'm running with it, sure) seem to be more about self-aggrandizement and well, being in it for the money, but Matt you and your guys were there *with* us. I watched you read the emotional states of the different women you danced with; you were respectful, you were *appreciative*, of every last one of us. That being there for us--being of service--is hotter than, um, *hot*. In a world where everybody else is waving their junk in your face, Matt, you *asking* me to *dance* Wow. Dude. That'''re GOOD. That was...damn, man. That broadsided me--I was not expecting that. And at the end, you forgot to take my money. Thank you. That'll stay with me for years to come. ;)
Peace, Grace S.
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~Jane Cahall Hayslett
who would of thought ?! but it was a Very Good night and i had my daughter and my daughter-in-law with me , and they had a blast both of them where liking different dancers table had 10 or 11 girls there and i am now there Hero for asking ...them to come out...:) lol

~Barbara Thomas
They where great and can't wait til spring when they come back! We all had a BLAST!!!

~Sherry Lowman Steller
They where great and can't wait til spring when they come back! We all had a BLAST!!!
WoW What A Good Night !!! thanks to all my girls that showed up! :)
& thanks to Sherry for having something GOOD in Smyrna

Karen Elizabeth Snow
Hi Matt my name is karen I went to the male revue that was held at 64 in Smyrna, De u guys put on a great show... I LOVE YOU, Amazing Dancers! You're all soo YUMMY!!

~Ashleigh Brown
I had an amazing time. even though my mom didn't wanna go at first she had a good time after the fact we went. i definitely want the guys to come back they sure know how to entertain a whole room full of women from the ages 18-?. I really enjoyed myself and it was my first revue i had been too. they made it real memorable for me. i cant wait until they come back again. &* I love the videos that are on matts page of me I thought they were so funny. thanks sherry for telling me about it me and mom laugh about it everyday since you told us about it. thanks for coming and i cant wait to see you all again.

As follow up to our conversation a few moments ago, we are really looking forward to meeting the next set of entertainers that you send to my approaching party. I have used your entertainment services before for several parties and my friends all want me to keep bringing your dancers back for more fun!
I have hosted with both your male dancers and female dancers and they have all been professional, talented and fun and have left my guests laughing, cheering and wanting more.... :-)
Thank you again for helping me to organize some very successful parties. It is always a pleasure to work with you and your Amazing Dancers!
Looking forward to this weekend being another party with pizzazz - thanks to you and your staff!
~Doris Adams Chayka
Just writing to let you know that this went off PERFECT!
We all laughed and cried for 3 hrs straight. I am getting emails saying it was the funniest and best thing that ever happened to her. We are still laughing today. Very professionally done! Keep up the great work. I wish your business all the best. Everyone wants your contact information so I will be passing it along. You will hear from either myself or someone that attended. I’m sure. Janice told me “payback is a bitch” so I requested a girl dancer every year on my birthday and offered to pay for it. LOL LOL
~Jerry H

Dear Amazing Dancers,
Last Night I was my good friend Tara's Bachlorette party. The girls coming were running late and our dancer Shane (who is hot in his pictures but 100 times hotter in person!) was kind enough to wait until they showed up and got a couple drinks into their system. Then he turned the heat up by turning our party from okay to an amazing good time. He had us all drooling over his muscles and sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation to get the next peek of what he would show us next. Shane wowed us with his moves and had us begging for more. None of us there have ever seen a male stripper before and were not sure to expect but we were not let down. I would recommend Shane to anyone who loves to have fun and likes to party. I'm got text messages from all the girls today about how much they loved Shane and wished they had an excuse to have another party like last night.

Dear Mike, Matt Jarrett set me up with "Dominic" on 11/17. Matt was very thorough and professional as was "Dominic"who drove 2hrs. through rush hour traffic from New Jersey to Emaus, Pa. We had so much fun in fact, my wife ran out and bought me a thank you card for the best birthday she has ever had in 48 years. We are still laughing about it. I will be sure to refer "Amazing Dancers" to anyone in the future.
Thanks again,
~Jeff Johnston

Subject: About's Service
Hello yesterday we had one of your strippers come to where i work ( madison at the nursing home, 07940 on madison ave.) i am not sure who we had, but he was great, very professional, and one hell of a dancer.. it was also great that you booked someone for us so last min. after the one we had with some other company cancel 1 hr before the day before. so i wanted to say thank you very much.. he was doing some A+ lap dances too lol.. was going to get up there myself but didn't know how he would have reacted lol.. so thank you again for a great show and great service

From: The New Egypt Women's Auxiliary
"was checking out the website and saw u had a Face Book and an AmazingDancers' LIKE PAGE ....just wanted to thank u for a great time, never been to one before that. u all did great, well thanks again."

I attended a bachelorette party this past Saturday where Matt entertained the crowd (Mandy Tarr/Glen Mills area). This was my first time experiencing male exotic dancers since...Chippendales in 1985!! Matt's performance was very professional and dignified. He seemed to enjoy his time at the party as well. All of the women reacted positively to Matt, as he performed with fluidity, sensuality, and calmness in an exotic presentation. A good time was had by all, I assure you.

Thank you for the opportunity to be entertained in a fun atmosphere. I have hired Matt for my housewarming party at the end of this month, and am looking forward to my friends' responses to him.
~Barbara Small

(1 month later)
Matt performed at my housewarming party, and again, was well received. As I looked through your website, I didn't realize how widespread your company is. I forgot to ask Matt a question: where does your male revue perform? Do you entertain at the casinos in AC, or just private parties?
My daughter, who thought I was crazy having a stripper for a housewarming, was impressed by Matt's "clean" performance and will possibly be hiring him for a bachelorette party in the future. A co-worker of mine was also interested in hiring Matt for a party as well.
Matt exudes genuineness and fun. He helped to make all of my friends comfortable as he took the time to "read" them before interacting with them. Thank you again Matt.
P.S. You did smell very good!!
~Barb Small

Wow! What a party we had. A Storm blew in and a great time was had by all. He was Beautiful and played the Crowd just right, paying special attention to the bride to be. He made contact early in the day which relieved my concerns and was promptly on time baton in hand:) Money well spent we will surely recommend him to our friends!! and look forward to doing business in the future.

Thanks a lot for all of the help. Dakota was great, she did a wonderful job and we were all entertained. I was very pleased with her attitude and personality. Thanks again Matt!

The Washington Post Magazine Interview with Matt Jarrett from

I See Naked People Megastars baring all, 'Girls Gone Wild,' nudists next door. Where is America's fascination with nudity taking us?
By Michael Leahy – The Washington Post

Matt Jarrett takes off his clothes for a living. He has a girlfriend, but he spends most of his professional hours watching other women watch him as he dances and strips down to a blue-and-white thong at bachelorette and birthday parties. He
has a favorite move quite popular with audiences -- "I like to call it my patented Matt Jarrett move," he says -- in which, with the guest of honor seated on a straight-back chair, he performs a handstand on the front edge of the chair, his exposed buttocks facing all of the female partyers except the honoree, who receives the closest view of the inverted
Matt Jarrett and the front of his thong, which would be about six inches from her face. He is the rare male stripper who then breaks into handstand pushups, up and down, up and down, all that motion prompting ecstatic screams. "They get pretty wild for that one," he says.
One recent night found him at a crowded club in Cherry Hill, N.J., scheduled to work two bachelorette parties, beginning at 10 o'clock. The first was for a bachelorette who had no idea her friends had hired a stripper. Jarrett appeared out of nowhere in a tuxedo, just staring for a moment at the woman, who had been led by her friends to a straight-back chair in the center of the club's dance floor. Then he began slowly shedding and flinging clothes to a mix of recorded disco and hip-hop. The woman grinned and covered her mouth with her hands as he rubbed up against her. "Oh, gosh, oh, gosh," she exclaimed, shock fusing with pleasure. Jarrett performed his handstand while at least 50 diners and bar patrons, mostly women, rushed from the other side of the club to have a look. A cacophony of squeals followed. A few upstaged males insolently shook heads or feigned indifference by staring at a baseball game on club TVs. A second bachelorette, whose friends had not thought of hiring a stripper, dared to rush onto the dance floor, wearing a veil on her head and a glow of happy lust on her face, patting Jarrett on his bottom, doing it again, and again, finally turning to grin in satisfaction at her friends. This unanticipated bachelorette, raven hair askew and carrying a drink wherever she went, periodically accosted him for the next hour, until her friends, recognizing her hunger, finally huddled and hired Jarrett on the spot. Near the end of the private shows he invited the partyers to demonstrate their pleasure by placing tips in his thong and most of the women eagerly did this, though with an unmistakable restraint in nearly every case, tucking in the bills the way somebody puts an item into a shredder, quickly and carefully, so as not to get fingers caught in anything dangerous. He thought that moment told the story of his appeal: Hiring him is a chance for a woman to feel like she is being daring, a little naughty, in an atmosphere where no one can stop her. Maybe she just needs to feel she has experienced the forbidden by staring at a nearly naked man not her husband or boyfriend. Among everything else, he sells illusion with his body.
At 29, having been a male stripper for seven years now, he has seen so many women ogling him that he has come to believe that men and women react differently to the sight of strippers. His company,, employs female strippers, too, and he has watched enough of his girlfriend's shows to know that male spectators have a different
attitude and manner than most of the women watching him. Men tend to be quiet, even a little grim, watching a performance, hollering "Yeah" sometimes, but mostly just wanting her to get on with it, the difference between a slow, artistic striptease and a swiftly crude one meaning nothing to them. "Actually, they'd have a woman come out of the
dressing room completely naked if they had their way," he says. The vast majority of women have no interest in seeing everything. Sometimes, floating on their happiness and alcohol, a
couple of women in a group will cry, "Take it off, take it all off," and he will answer agreeably, "Really? Everything off?" But, in the same second, they will answer with alarm, "No, no, no, no . . ." It makes him think that the marketing of nudity over the last century has so concentrated on the female form and so linked it with sex, that men going into strip clubs like these want only full nudity -- while women still are conflicted
over the propriety of checking out the male body. This means something else for him and his girlfriend, he thinks. "Male strippers are kind of put on a pedestal," he says, meaning men are regarded by a fair amount of women and even some men not just as eye candy, but as fit performers with an exotic skill. "Women strippers are just strippers; they're just people who take off their clothes for men. They don't get nearly the same respect." He had finished his Cherry Hill performances and now he sat after midnight in a nearby diner, eating a slice of pizza, before heading off to his last show of the night. His cell phone rang. It was his girlfriend saying hi, checking on his schedule. "Got one more, got one more," he said. She said something on the other end, and he laughed knowingly, mumbling, "Yeah, always one more." The calls from those who dream of a flirtation with the forbidden never stop coming.

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