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Party Tips
Stripper Party Tips

AMAZINGDANCERS.COM has the HOTTEST Male and Female STRIPPERS and wants you to have the best party possible so here are some tips to make your party a success! Let's Get Drenched With Excitement!!

1. Tipping. If you are the contact person for the party, it is your responsibility to make sure all the guests bring money to spend. The show-up fee is supplied to the dancer at the start of the show and that covers the dancer's gas and time. Tipping however is a custom in stripping. Each entertainer has set games that they play with the crowd that are priced at different intervals.

To insure the wildest and craziest time for your guests, we recommend that each guest come with plenty of tips to spend, depending on what you would like to see. Gratuity is customary in this business.

2. Set up. Although each stripper comes equipped with costume, stereo, props, and all party game material, it is imperative to make sure you have done your best to make your house "stripper friendly." Please provide a room or bathroom for your entertainer to change/get ready in. Make sure the main room of entertainment has no open windows, as the stripper will catch cold running around in next to nothing. Also, the outside world should not be able to see your private party, so close all blinds or curtains. Place a chair in the center of the room for your guest of honor. The chair should preferably have no armrests. This will assure that the guest of honor gets the closest, most embarrassing strip show of his/her life.

3. Respect. Each dancer works hard to earn a living. They work out hard at the gym, spend hours putting their music together, and are always thinking of new costume ideas to better fit your fantasy. Stripping may seem like an easy job but much time and preparation goes into it. These strippers are real people and should be treated as such. The more respectful you are, the more fun everyone will have. Please do not be rude to them, or ask them for sex. These are entertainers, not escorts. If people are disrespectful, the dancer has every right to leave the party before the set time has ended.

4. The Mysterious Person. Sometimes the dancers will bring an assistant with them. This person is there to help provide a flawless show. His/her job consists of providing change for you and your friends, running the music, lighting, and helping with alcohol or whip cream games. They are there for your convenience and can answer any questions you may have. They are your friends, please do not fear them. We want you to have the most memorable time and we have been honest with all the information provided. If you have any questions regarding any of our strippers, please let us know.

5. Most of our entertainers can arrive in the costume of your choice. Choose from the following costumes:
Casual attire/guest
Construction Worker
Pizza Delivery
UPS Delivery
Fire Fighter
Business Suit
Waiter/Room Service
Santa/Santa's Helper
Special Requests

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